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JJ Rebuilders – Quality Used Diesel Truck Engines

JJ Rebuilders specializes in quality used truck engines and engine parts. We stock all types of truck engines including Cummins Engines, Detroit Engines, Isuzu Engines, Mitsubishi Engines, International Engines, Mercedes Engines, Ford Engines, Volvo Engines, Mack Engines, CAT Engines, Equipment Engines, Marine Engines and More. We have parts available to core engine builders, blocks, heads, ECM’s and more. Same day shipping on most engines, freight costs vary.

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Cummins ISX Engines
International DT466E Engines
Detroit DD15 Engines
CAT C7 Acert Engines

2009 CAT C15 ACERT Truck Engine #3039
Stock #005016
EngineCat C15 ACERT (475hp)
Engine Size15.2L
Engine CPL/AR324-8625
Engine Family9CPXH0928E1X
Paccar MX-13, EPA 10
2012 PACCAR MX-13 Truck Engine #3038
Stock #004933
EnginePaccar MX-13 (455hp)
Engine Size12.9L
Engine CPL/ARPaccar MX-13 EPA10
Engine FamilyCPCRH12.9M01
Cat C6.6 ACERT Tier 3
 CAT C6.6 ACERT Equipment Engine #3037
Stock #005015
EngineCat C6.6 ACERT
Engine Size6.6L
Engine CPL/AR267-3118
DD15, EPA10, GHG14
Stock #005011
EngineDetroit DD15
Engine Size14.8L
Engine CPL/ARDD15 EPA10 GHG14
Engine FamilyFDDXH14.8EAD
98 Series 60 12.7 DDEC 4
Stock #005014
EngineDetroit Series 60 12.7 (470hp)
Engine Size12.7L
Engine CPL/ARSeries 60 12.7L
Engine FamilyWDDXH12.7EGD
Isuzu 4JJ1 Case Crawler
2013 ISUZU 4JJ1X Equipment Engine #3034
Stock #005013
EngineIsuzu 4JJ1X (127hp)
Engine Size3.0L
Engine FamilyDSZXL03.0MXA
2017 CUMMINS ISX Truck Engine #3033
Stock #005012
EngineCummins ISX (500hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR2732
Engine FamilyISX CM871
DD13, EPA10, 500HP
Stock #005010
EngineDetroit DD13 (500hp)
Engine Size12.8L
Engine CPL/ARDD13 EPA10
Engine FamilyCDDXH12.8FED
ISM, CPL 2607, EPA 98
Stock #005004
EngineCummins ISM (280hp)
Engine Size10.8L
Engine CPL/AR2607
Engine Family1CEXH0661MAI
Cummins N14 Mechanical
Stock #005003
EngineCummins N14 Mechanical (400hp)
Engine Size14.0L
Engine CPL/AR1380
Engine FamilyN14 MECHANICAL
Isuzu 4HE1XS 4.8L NPR
Stock #005002
EngineIsuzu 4HE1XS (175hp)
Engine Size4.8L
Engine CPL/ARIsuzu 4HE1XS
Engine FamilyIsuzu 4HE1XS
New Isuzu 6HK1 Tier 2
2011 ISUZU 6HK1 Equipment Engine #3025
Stock #004999
EngineIsuzu 6HK1
Engine Size7.8L
Engine CPL/ARIsuzu 6HK1
Engine Family6HK1 TIER 2
ISX15, CPL 3719, CM2250
2012 CUMMINS ISX15 Truck Engine #3024
Stock #004998
EngineCummins ISX15 (400hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR3719
Engine FamilyCCEXH0912XAP
ISL G, CPL 3517, CM2180
2016 CUMMINS ISL G Truck Engine #3019
Stock #004994
EngineCummins ISL G (280hp)
Engine Size8.9L
Engine CPL/AR3517
Engine FamilyGCEXH0540LBF
ISL, CM2150, CPL 2087
Stock #004989
EngineCummins ISL (345hp)
Engine Size8.9L
Engine CPL/AR2087
Engine Family7CEXH0540LAM
OEM Reman Cummins ISL
Stock #004986
EngineCummins ISL (350hp)
Engine Size8.9L
Engine CPL/AR8780
Engine FamilyCummins ISL EPA04
Cummins 8.3L 6CT 300HP
Stock #004983
EngineCummins 8.3 6CT (300hp)
Engine Size8.3L
Engine CPL/AR2102
Engine FamilyTCE505D6DADAAA
CAT C7, 370HP, 10R4134
2010 CAT C7 ACERT Truck Engine #3009
Stock #004982
EngineCat C7 ACERT (370hp)
Engine Size7.2L
Engine CPL/AR344-9495
Engine FamilyCat C7 ACERT
Cat 3406B 425HP 4MG
Stock #004971
EngineCat 3406B (425hp)
Engine Size14.6L
Engine CPL/AR9Y7544
Engine FamilyCaterpillar 3406B
2018 CUMMINS ISC Truck Engine #3004
Stock #004977
EngineCummins ISC (280hp)
Engine Size8.3
Engine CPL/AR8692
Engine Family6CEXH0505CAW