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JJ Rebuilders – Quality Used Diesel Truck Engines

JJ Rebuilders specializes in quality used truck engines and engine parts. We stock all types of truck engines including Cummins Engines, Detroit Engines, Isuzu Engines, Mitsubishi Engines, International Engines, Mercedes Engines, Ford Engines, Volvo Engines, Mack Engines, CAT Engines, Equipment Engines, Marine Engines and More. We have parts available to core engine builders, blocks, heads, ECM’s and more. Same day shipping on most engines, freight costs vary.

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Cummins ISX Engines
International DT466E Engines
Detroit DD15 Engines
CAT C7 Acert Engines

Stock #004885
EngineInternational MAXXFORCE 13 (450hp)
Engine Size12.4L
Engine FamilyCNVX0757OGA
CAT 3306C 9TL
1998 CAT 3306C Truck Engine #2943
Stock #004900
EngineCat 3306C (300hp)
Engine Size10.5L
Engine CPL/AR143-2154
Engine FamilyCat 3306C
2006 MERCEDES-BENZ OM460LA Truck Engine #2942
Stock #004899
EngineMercedes OM460LA (450hp)
Engine Size12.8L
Engine CPL/ARMBE4000
Engine Family6MBXL12.8RJB
Series 60 14.0 DDEC 5
Stock #004897
EngineDetroit Series 60 14.0 (515hp)
Engine Size14.0L
Engine CPL/ARSER 60 14.0 04EPA
Engine Family5DDXH14.0ELY
NEW DT530E 330HP
2008 INTERNATIONAL DT530E Truck Engine #2939
Stock #004895
EngineInternational DT530E (330hp)
Engine Size8.7L
Engine CPL/ARDT530E
Engine Family3NVXH0530ANB
ISX15, CPL 4586, CM2350
Stock #004891
EngineCummins ISX15 (450hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR4586
Engine FamilyGCEXH0912XAT
Cummins 8.3L CPL 2101
Stock #004893
EngineCummins 8.3 6CT (210hp)
Engine Size8.3L
Engine CPL/AR2101
Engine Family8.3L 6CT
OEM REMAN Mercedes OM904
2006 MERCEDES-BENZ OM904LA Truck Engine #2935
Stock #004892
EngineMercedes OM904LA (174hp)
Engine Size4.3L
Engine CPL/ARMercedes OM904LA
Engine FamilyOM904LA 04EPA
ISX15, CM2350, CPL 4583
Stock #004818
EngineCummins ISX15 (450hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR4583
Engine FamilyFCEXH0912XAT
Cummins ISC8.3 OEM REMAN
2009 CUMMINS ISC Truck Engine #2933
Stock #004890
EngineCummins ISC 8.3 (285hp)
Engine Size8.3L
Engine CPL/AR8786
Engine FamilyD413064BX03
ISX12, 63K Miles, CM2250
Stock #004888
EngineCummins ISX12 (320hp)
Engine Size11.9L
Engine CPL/AR3440
Engine FamilyCCEXH0729XAA
Volvo D16 Engine EPA 04
Stock #004884
EngineVolvo D16 (500hp)
Engine Size16.1L
Engine CPL/ARVolvo D16D EPA 04
Engine Family6VTXH16.1C01
Stock #004883
EngineMack MP8 (445hp)
Engine Size12.8L
Engine CPL/ARMack MP8 EPA 13
Engine FamilyEVPTH12.8G01
Stock #004877
EngineCat C15 ACERT (435hp)
Engine Size15.2L
Engine CPL/AR260-2884
Engine FamilyCat C15 ACERT
CAT C4.4 Hydraulic Unit
2012 CATERPILLAR C4.4 ACERT Equipment Engine #2926
Stock #004882
EngineCat C4.4 ACERT (174hp)
Engine Size4.4L
Engine CPL/AR376-1313
Engine FamilyCAT C4.4 ACERT
BIG CAM 4, 277,330 Miles
Stock #004881
EngineCummins BIG CAM 4 (350hp)
Engine CPL/AR0796
Engine FamilyCummins Big Cam 4
ISX, CM570, CPL 8255
Stock #004880
EngineCummins ISX (450hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR8255
Engine Family2CEXH0912XAF
Cummins N14 Mechanical
Stock #004879
EngineCummins N14 Mechanical (400hp)
Engine Size14.0L
Engine CPL/AR1532
Engine FamilyN14 MECHANICAL
ISX15, CPL 3937, CM2350
Stock #004822
EngineCummins ISX15 (400hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR3937
Engine FamilyDCEX0912XAT
Paccar MX-13, EPA 13
2014 PACCAR MX-13 Truck Engine #2918
Stock #004875
EnginePaccar MX-13 (500hp)
Engine Size12.9L
Engine CPL/ARPaccar MX-13 EPA13
Engine FamilyEPCRH12.9M01