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JJ Rebuilders – Quality Used Diesel Truck Engines

JJ Rebuilders specializes in quality used truck engines and engine parts. We stock all types of truck engines including Cummins Engines, Detroit Engines, Isuzu Engines, Mitsubishi Engines, International Engines, Mercedes Engines, Ford Engines, Volvo Engines, Mack Engines, CAT Engines, Equipment Engines, Marine Engines and More. We have parts available to core engine builders, blocks, heads, ECM’s and more. Same day shipping on most engines, freight costs vary.

Paccar MX-13, EPA 10
2011 PACCAR MX-13 Truck Engine #3452
Stock #005481
EnginePaccar MX-13 (455hp)
Engine Size12.9L
Engine CPL/ARPaccar MX-13 EPA10
Engine FamilyBPCRH120.9M01
Volvo D13J EPA13
Stock #005480
EngineVolvo D13 (500hp)
Engine Size12.8L
Engine CPL/ARVolvo D13J EPA13
Engine FamilyGVPTH12.8G01
DD15, 14.8, 560HP, EPA10
2012 DETROIT DD15 Truck Engine #3450
Stock #005479
EngineDetroit DD15 (560hp)
Engine Size14.8L
Engine CPL/ARDD15 EPA 10
Engine FamilyCDDXH14.8EED
CAT C16, 669HP
Stock #005478
EngineCat C16 (669hp)
Engine Size15.8
Engine CPL/AR235-1571
Engine Family5CPXL15.8ERK
Isuzu 4JJ1X for Case
2016 ISUZU 4JJ1X Equipment Engine #3448
Stock #005477
EngineIsuzu 4JJ1X (103hp)
Engine Size3.0L
Engine CPL/ARIsuzu AM-4JJ1X
Engine FamilyESZXL03.0MXA
2004 CAT C15 ACERT Truck Engine #3447
Stock #005474
EngineCat C15 ACERT (550hp)
Engine Size15.2L
Engine CPL/AR258-8174
Engine FamilyCat C15 ACERT
ISX, CPL8520, CM870
2005 CUMMINS ISX Truck Engine #3446
Stock #005463
EngineCummins ISX (400hp)
Engine Size15.0
Engine CPL/AR8520
Engine Family5CEXH0912XAJ
Detroit DD13 EPA 13
2014 DETROIT DD13 Truck Engine #3445
Stock #005476
EngineDetroit DD13 (500hp)
Engine Size12.8L
Engine CPL/ARDetroit DD13 EPA13
Engine FamilyDDDXH12.8FED
2011 MACK AI Truck Engine #3443
Stock #005469
EngineMack AI (400hp)
Engine CPL/ARMack AI
Engine FamilyMack AI 400
Cummins QSB3.3, CM2250
2013 CUMMINS QSB 3.3 Equipment Engine #3442
Stock #005466
EngineCummins QSB 3.3 (85hp)
Engine Size3.3
Engine CPL/ARCummins QSB3.3
Engine FamilyDCEXL03.3ADA
Perkins 404D-22T
2011 PERKINS 404D-22T Equipment Engine #3441
Stock #005470
EnginePerkins 404D
Engine Size2.2L
Engine CPL/ARPerkins 404D-22T
Engine FamilyBH3XL2.22NLT
Series 60 14.0 515HP
2004 DETROIT Series 60 14.0L Truck Engine #3440
Stock #005473
EngineDetroit Series 60 14.0L (515hp)
Engine Size14.0L
Engine CPL/ARSeries 60 14.0L
Engine Family4DDXH14.0ELY
2008 HINO J08E-UJ Truck Engine #3439
Stock #005471
EngineHino J08E-UJ (230hp)
Engine Size7.7L
Engine CPL/ARHino J08E-UJ
Engine Family8HMXH07.7JTV
CAT C15 Single Turbo
2005 CATERPILLAR C15 ACERT Truck Engine #3438
Stock #005460
EngineCat C15 ACERT (550hp)
Engine Size15.2L
Engine CPL/AR269-4319
Engine FamilyCaterpillar c15
JCB 444 Power Unit Tier
2019 JCB 444 TA4I Equipment Engine #3437
Stock #005467
EngineJcb 444 Tier 4 (108hp)
Engine Size4.4
Engine CPL/ARJCB 444
Engine FamilyJCB 444TA4I-81 I2
QSB4.5, CPL 4189, CM2350
2019 CUMMINS QSB 4.5 Equipment Engine #3435
Stock #005462
EngineCummins QSB 4.5 (173hp)
Engine Size4.5L
Engine CPL/AR4189
Engine FamilyKCEXL04.5AAH
NEW Cummins L9 EPA21
2021 CUMMINS L9 Truck Engine #3434
Stock #005461
EngineCummins L9 (270hp)
Engine Size8.9L
Engine CPL/AR5299
Engine FamilyMCEXH0540LCA
1991 MACK EM6 Truck Engine #3433
Stock #005429
EngineMack EM6 (350hp)
Engine CPL/ARMack EM6
Engine FamilyMack EM6 4 Valve
New Isuzu 4JJ1X, 127 HP
2018 ISUZU 4JJ1 Equipment Engine #3431
Stock #005457
EngineIsuzu 4JJ1 (127hp)
Engine Size3.0L
Engine FamilyBSZXL03.0IXA
Isuzu 4LE2X Tier 4 Inter
2016 ISUZU 4LE2X Equipment Engine #3430
Stock #005456
EngineIsuzu 4LE2X (54hp)
Engine Size2.2L
Engine FamilyCSZXL02.2UXA