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JJ Rebuilders – Quality Used Diesel Truck Engines

JJ Rebuilders specializes in quality used truck engines and engine parts. We stock all types of truck engines including Cummins Engines, Detroit Engines, Isuzu Engines, Mitsubishi Engines, International Engines, Mercedes Engines, Ford Engines, Volvo Engines, Mack Engines, CAT Engines and More. We have parts available to core engine builders, blocks, heads, ECM’s and more. Same day shipping on most engines, freight costs vary.


Cummins ISX Engines
International DT466E Engines
Detroit DD15 Engines
CAT C7 Acert Engines

Isuzu 4HK1TC, 5.2L, NPR
2006 ISUZU 4HK1TC Complete Engine #2504
Stock #004268
EngineIsuzu 4HK1TC (190hp)
Engine Size5.2L
Engine CPL/ARIsuzu 4HK1TC
Engine Family6SZXH05.23AA
Paccar MX-13, 12.9L
Stock #004332
EnginePaccar MX-13 (455hp)
Engine Size12.9L
Engine CPL/ARPaccar MX-13
Engine FamilyBPCRH12.9M01
Perkins 1104C-44T
2018 CAT 3054 C/T Complete Engine #2502
Stock #004363
EngineCat 3054 C/T (126hp)
Engine Size4.4L
Engine CPL/ARPerkins 1104C-44T
Engine FamilyCaterpillar 3054T
OEM Rebuilt Ser 60 12.7
1999 DETROIT Series 60 12.7 Complete Engine #2501
Stock #004361
EngineDetroit Series 60 12.7 (470hp)
Engine Size12.7L
Engine CPL/AR6067MK60
Engine FamilySeries 60 DDEC4
ISX15 CM2250 CPL 3719
Stock #004324
EngineCummins ISX15 (400hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR3719
Engine FamilyCCEXH0912XAP
OM460LA 12.8L 450HP
Stock #004359
EngineMercedes OM460LA (450hp)
Engine Size12.8L
Engine CPL/ARMBE4000
Engine Family4MBXH12.8DJA
ISX12, CPL3711, CM2350
2010 CUMMINS ISX12 Complete Engine #2497
Stock #004358
EngineCummins ISX12 (425hp)
Engine Size11.9L
Engine CPL/AR3711
Engine FamilyDCEXH0729XAE
2014 CATERPILLAR 3304 Complete Engine #2495
Stock #004356
EngineCat 3304DI (150hp)
Engine Size7.0L
Engine CPL/AR129-8177
Engine FamilyCaterpillar 3304
Mercedes MBE4000 12.8L
Stock #004355
EngineMercedes OM460LA (450hp)
Engine Size12.8L
Engine CPL/ARMBE4000
Engine Family6MBXH12.8DJA
850J Dozer Engine
2010 JOHN DEERE 6090HT005 Complete Engine #2493
Stock #004354
EngineJohn Deere 6090HT005 (192hp)
Engine Size9.0L
Engine CPL/AR6090HT005
Engine FamilyAJDXL09.0102
New Crate Mack AMI
2006 MACK AMI Complete Engine #2492
Stock #004353
EngineMack AMI (400hp)
Engine Size11.9L
Engine CPL/AR11GBA 41889YP1
Engine Family6MKXH11.9V67
NEW ISC8.3 CM2250
2012 CUMMINS ISC Complete Engine #2491
Stock #004352
EngineCummins ISC (300hp)
Engine Size8.3L
Engine CPL/AR3735
Engine FamilyCCEXH0505CAC
DD13, 12.8L, 500HP
2014 DETROIT DD13 Complete Engine #2490
Stock #004200
EngineDetroit DD13 (500hp)
Engine Size12.8L
Engine CPL/ARDetroit DD13
Engine FamilyEDDXH12.8FED
2012 INTERNATIONAL MAXXFORCE 10 Complete Engine #2489
Stock #004322
EngineInternational MAXXFORCE 10 (375hp)
Engine Size9.3L
Mack E7 Mechanical Pump
Stock #004343
EngineMack E7 (350hp)
Engine Size11.9L
Engine CPL/ARMack E7
Engine FamilyMack E7 Mechanical
ISM, CPL 2608, CM570
Stock #004350
EngineCummins ISM (330hp)
Engine Size10.8L
Engine CPL/AR2608
Engine FamilyXCEXH0661MAH
ISM, CPL 8557, CM875
Stock #004344
EngineCummins ISM (370hp)
Engine Size10.8L
Engine CPL/AR8557
Engine Family5CEXH0661MAT
CAT C13, KCB, 12.5L
Stock #004347
EngineCat C13 ACERT (335hp)
Engine Size12.5L
Engine CPL/AR261-5223
Engine Family4CPXH0763EBK
141,806 Miles Like New
Stock #004320
EngineDetroit Series 60 14.0 (515hp)
Engine Size14.0
Engine CPL/ARSeries 60 14.0L
Engine Family6DDXH14.0ELY
Stock #004087
EngineInternational MAXXFORCE DT (245hp)
Engine Size7.6L
Engine CPL/ARModel A245
Engine FamilyBNVXH0466OGA