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New Diesel Truck Engines For Sale

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2018 DETROIT DD13 Truck Engine #2755
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2018 Detroit DD13 Diesel Engine for sale, Serial # 471942S0572474, Engine Family # JDDXH12.8FED, 12.8L, 525HP @ 1625 RPM RATED, E.C.S: DDI, TC, CAC, ECM, EGR, OC, PTOX, SCR-U, AMOX ...
Stock #004682
EngineDetroit DD13 (525hp)
Engine Size12.8L
Engine CPL/ARDetroit DD13
Engine FamilyJDDXH12.8FED
New ISL CPL 4611, CM2350
2016 CUMMINS ISL9 Truck Engine #2751
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2016 Cummins ISL9 Diesel Engine for sale (EPA13), Serial # 74073572, CPL: 4611, HP RATING: [email protected] RPM, Torque: 1250LBS @ 1400 RPM, Service Model Name: ISL9 CM2350 L101, Displace...
Stock #004678
EngineCummins ISL (400hp)
Engine Size8.9L
Engine CPL/AR4611
Engine FamilyGCEXH0540LAV
NEW ISL, CPL 8389, 450HP
2009 CUMMINS ISL Truck Engine #2744
(NEW SURPLUS CRATE ENGINE) 2009 Cummins ISL-450 Diesel Engine for sale (EGR), 450HP @ 2200 RPM, Service Model Name: ISL CM850, Serial # 46990248, CPL 8389, 450HP @ 2200 RPM, 8.9L, Engine Configuration...
Stock #004675
EngineCummins ISL (450hp)
Engine Size8.9L
Engine CPL/AR8389
Engine FamilyCummins ISL CM850
New Cummins L9 with Jake
2017 CUMMINS ISL9 Truck Engine #2736
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2017 Cummins ISL9 Diesel Engine with Jake Brakes (EPA17), Serial # 74222586, CPL: 4758, HP RATING: [email protected] RPM, Torque: 1250LBS @ 1400 RPM, Service Model Name: L9 CM2350 L116B, D...
Stock #004667
EngineCummins ISL9 (450hp)
Engine Size8.9L
Engine CPL/AR4758
Engine FamilyHCEXH0540LAX
2008 CUMMINS ISL Truck Engine #2720
(NEW TEST ENGINE) 2008 Cummins ISL Diesel Engine for sale with Jacobs Engine Brake, Serial # 46887641, CPL 3156, Service Model Name: CM2150, Engine Family # 8CEXH0540LAM, 365HP @ 1800 RPM, 8.9L, Engin...
Stock #004650
EngineCummins ISL (365hp)
Engine Size8.9L
Engine CPL/AR3156
Engine Family8CEXH0540LAM
2009 CUMMINS ISM Truck Engine #2686
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2009 Cummins ISM Diesel Engine for sale (DPF, EGR-MODEL), Cummins ISM Engine Serial # 35259349, Cummins ISM Engine CPL # 3330, Service Model Name: ISM CM876, family # 9CEXH0661MAF, ...
Stock #004385
EngineCummins ISM (410hp)
Engine Size10.8L
Engine CPL/AR3330
Engine Family9CEXH0661MAF
NEW ISL CPL 2087, CM2150
2008 CUMMINS ISL Truck Engine #2685
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2008 Cummins ISL Diesel Engine For Sale, Cummins ISL Engine Serial # 46876336, Cummins ISL Engine CPL 2087, Service Model Name: CM2150, E.C.S: PCM, EGR, PTOX. Engine Family # 8CEXH0...
Stock #004593
EngineCummins ISL (345hp)
Engine Size8.9L
Engine CPL/AR2087
Engine Family8CEXH0540LAM
2018 CUMMINS B6.7 Truck Engine #2669
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2018 Cummins B6.7 Diesel Engine for sale (EGR, DPF, DEF MODEL), Cummins B6.7 Engine Serial # 22336986, Cummins B6.7 HP: 225HP @ 2200 RPM, Cummins B6.7 Engine Family # JCEXH0408BAT, ...
Stock #004562
EngineCummins B6.7 (225hp)
Engine Size6.7L
Engine CPL/AR4569
Engine FamilyJCEXH0408BAT
NEW JCB 444 TA-4 (TIER4)
2018 JCB 444 TA-4 Truck Engine #2643
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2018 JCB 444 Diesel Engine for sale Turbocharged (COMMON RAIL)(TIER 4), 444TA, Serial # 40714, Engine ID Code: SM320/41513/U4071418, 108HP, 4.4L, 0 Hours, BRAND NEW CRATE ENGINE, VI...
Stock #004532
Engine Size4.4L
Engine CPL/ARJCB 444-TA4
Engine FamilyJCB 444 TA4 Tier 4
NEW QSB 6.7 CM2350
2019 CUMMINS QSB 6.7 Truck Engine #2594
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2019 Cummins QSB 6.7L Diesel Engine for sale, Cummins QSB Serial # 22355794, Cummins QSB 6.7 Service Model Name: QSB 6.7 CM2350, Cummins QSB 6.7Marketing Model Name: QSB6.7, Horsepo...
Stock #004466
EngineCummins QSB 6.7 (225hp)
Engine Size6.7L
Engine CPL/AR3857
Engine FamilyKCEXL06.7AAK
QTY:6 New Perkins 1006T
2014 PERKINS 1006T Truck Engine #2593
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2014 Perkins 1006 Turbo Diesel Engine for sale (Mechanical Injection Fuel Pump, Turbo), Perkins 1006 T Serial # U962648Y, Perkins 1006 T Displacement: 5.9L , Perkins 1006 HP: 180HP ...
Stock #004465
EnginePerkins 1006T (180hp)
Engine Size5.9L
Engine CPL/ARPerkins 1006T
Engine FamilyPerkins 1006T
2017 CUMMINS ISX12 Truck Engine #2568
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2017 Cummins ISX12 Diesel Engine For sale (CM2350), Cummins ISX12 HP: 450HP @ 1800RPM, Cummins ISX12 Torque: 1550LBS @ 1200RPM, Cummins ISX12 Displacemnet: 11.9L, Cummins ISX12 Seri...
Stock #004434
EngineCummins ISX12 (450hp)
Engine Size11.9L
Engine CPL/AR4892
Engine FamilyHCEXH0729XAE
L9 Stage V, Tier 4 Final
2019 CUMMINS L9 Truck Engine #2546
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2019 Cummins L9 Diesel Engine for sale (Stage V/ Tier 4 Final), Serial # 22369785, HP RATING: [email protected] RPM, Service Model Name: L9 CM2350, Displacement: 8.9L, Engine Family # KCEX...
Stock #004411
EngineCummins L9 (365hp)
Engine Size8.9L
Engine CPL/ARStage V, TIER 4
Engine FamilyKCEXL08.9AAQ
2018 CUMMINS QSM11 Truck Engine #2545
(BRAND NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2018 Cummins QSM11 Diesel Engine for sale, 360HP @ 2100RPM, Engine Serial # 35355632, Engine CPL 8543, Engine Market Name: QSM11, Engine Service Model Name: QSM11 CM570, Engin...
Stock #004407
EngineCummins QSM11 (360hp)
Engine Size10.8L
Engine CPL/AR8543
Engine FamilyQSM11
Crate Engine 1104D-E44TA
2014 CAT 3054 E/T Truck Engine #2540
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2014 Caterpillar 3054 E/T Engine for Sale (TURBO), Perkins 1104D-E44TA, Serial # NJU196438X, Part # NJ38640, Displacement 4.4L, 126HP @ 2200RPM, NEW ENGINE, 0 HOURS, CRATE ENGINE, F...
Stock #004404
EngineCat 3054 E/T (126hp)
Engine Size4.4L
Engine CPL/AR1104D-E44TA
Engine FamilyPart # NJ38640
Perkins 1104C-44T
2018 CAT 3054 C/T Truck Engine #2502
(NEW CRATE UNIT) Perkins 1104C-44TA Diesel Engine Power Unit (Turbo), Mechanical Injection, Serial # U663231D, Displacement 4.4L, 126HP @ 2000RPM, NEW ENGINE, 0 HOURS, CRATE ENGINE, Interchangable wit...
Stock #004363
EngineCat 3054 C/T (126hp)
Engine Size4.4L
Engine CPL/ARPerkins 1104C-44T
Engine FamilyCaterpillar 3054T
2014 CATERPILLAR 3304 Truck Engine #2495
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2014 Caterpillar 3304 Diesel Engine for sale (Direct Injection), Serial # H4G00633, AR # 129-8177, [email protected], 7.0L, BRAND NEW CRATE ENGINE FULLY DRESSED!! A Total of 4 Units. C...
Stock #004356
EngineCat 3304DI (150hp)
Engine Size7.0L
Engine CPL/AR129-8177
Engine FamilyCaterpillar 3304
850J Dozer Engine
2010 JOHN DEERE 6090HT005 Truck Engine #2493
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2010 John Deere 6090HT005 Diesel Engine for sale for John Deere 850J Crawler Dozer, 9.0L, Serial # RG6090L077082, Material Part # PC10086, EPA Family AJDXL09.0102, [email protected] RPM, P...
Stock #004354
EngineJohn Deere 6090HT005 (192hp)
Engine Size9.0L
Engine CPL/AR6090HT005
Engine FamilyAJDXL09.0102
Pulled FromJohn Deere 850J Crawler Dozer
2012 INTERNATIONAL MAXXFORCE 10 Truck Engine #2489
(FRESH REBUILT) 2012 International MAXXFORCE 10 Diesel Engine for sale (FACTORY EMISSION DELETE), Serial # 570HM2U3114606, Emission Family # 9NVXH0570AGB, 375HP Rated @ 2000RPM. Label # 7093776C1, MOD...
Stock #004322
EngineInternational MAXXFORCE 10 (375hp)
Engine Size9.3L
New Perkins 1106D-70TA
2019 PERKINS 1106 Truck Engine #2460
(NEW POWER UNIT) 2019 Perkins 1106-D70TA Diesel Engine Power Unit for sale (Mechanical Injection, Turbo), Serial # U069356E, Displacement: 7.0L , 248HP @ 1500RPM, Tier 3, New Crate Perkins 1100 Series...
Stock #004311
EnginePerkins 1106D-70TA (248hp)
Engine Size7.0L
Engine CPL/ARCAT 3056
Engine FamilyPerkins 1106D