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Volvo Diesel Truck Engines For Sale

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Volvo D16 Engine EPA 04
(GOOD USED/ RUN TESTED/ FULLY INSPECTED) 2006 Volvo D16 D Diesel Engine for sale , Serial # D16*013844*D1*AH, Exhaust Family: EM, EC, TC, CAC, DI, EGR. Engine Family # 6VPTH16.1CO1, 500HP @ 1950 RPM, ...
Stock #004884
EngineVolvo D16 (500hp)
Engine Size16.1L
Engine CPL/ARVolvo D16D EPA 04
Engine Family6VTXH16.1C01
Volvo D13H, 12.8L, 435HP
(USED) 2011 Volvo D13H435 Diesel Engine for sale, Serial # D13*951496*H1*H, Exhaust Family: (EM, EC, TC, CAC, DI, EGR, DPF, SCR), Engine Family # BVPTH12.8S01, 435HP @ 1700RPM, 12.8L, TEST RUN WATCH V...
Stock #004121
EngineVolvo D13 (435hp)
Engine Size12.8L
Engine CPL/ARD13H435
Engine FamilyBVPTH12.8S01
Pulled FromVolvo
Volvo D13F405, 12.8L Eng
2009 VOLVO D13 Truck Engine #1997
(USED) 2009 Volvo D13F405 Diesel Engine with Jake Brakes, Serial # D13*935707*F1*H, Exhaust Family: (EM, EC, TC, CAC, DI, EGR, DPF), Engine Family # 9VPTH12.8HD2, 338HP @ 2100RPM, 12.8L, Test Run 6-5-...
Stock #003728
EngineVolvo D13 (338hp)
Engine CPL/ARD13
Engine Family9VPTH12.8HD2