Cummins ISL 9 Engine

Cummins ISL 9 Engine


206-395 HP


1143-1260 LB-FT

The Cummins ISL9 engine is a popular and reliable powertrain option, commonly used in various applications such as medium-duty trucks, buses, and motorhomes. Here are some key specifications and a brief history of the ISL9 engine:

  • Specifications
  • Displacement: 8.9 liters (543 cubic inches)
  • Configuration: Inline 6-cylinder
  • Power Output: Typically ranges from 260 to 450 horsepower
  • Torque Output: Varies between 730 and 1250 lb-ft
  • Emissions Compliance: Meets EPA and CARB regulations
  • Cooling System: Either a standard cooling package or an optional higher capacity package
  • Fuel System: Common Rail fuel injection system for improved efficiency and reduced emissions
  • Aftertreatment: Utilizes selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to reduce NOx emissions
  • History
  • The ISL9 engine was introduced by Cummins in 2007 as the successor to the ISL engine. It was designed to provide improved performance, fuel efficiency, and durability compared to its predecessor. Over the years, Cummins has made several updates and enhancements to the ISL9 engine to meet changing emission regulations and customer requirements. The latest iteration of the ISL9 engine incorporates advanced technologies like Cummins XPI fuel system, VGT Turbocharger, and enhanced electronic controls for improved performance and reliability.

Overall, the Cummins ISL9 engine has built a reputation for its robustness, fuel efficiency, and low emissions, making it a preferred choice for many medium-duty applications.