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QSB4.5, CPL 3670, CM2250
2014 Cummins QSB 4.5L Diesel Engine for sale (TIER4INTERIM), Serial # 73772295, CPL 3670, Service Model Name: CM2250 EC, 130HP @ 2200 RPM, Family # ECEXL04.5AAE, Engine Configuration: D323011CX03, Low...
Stock #005367
EngineCummins QSB4.5 (130hp)
Engine Size4.5L
Engine CPL/AR3670
Engine FamilyECEXL04.5AAE
(NEW) 2011 Volvo Penta Industrial D12 Diesel Engine For Sale, Model: Volvo D12C Equipment Diesel Engine (TIER2), Model: TAD1242VE, Serial # D12C*669220*A, Family # 5VPXL12.1ACA, E.C.S: EM, TC, CAC. ...
Stock #005363
EngineVolvo D12C (521hp)
Engine Size12.1
Engine CPL/ARVolvo TAD1242VE
Engine Family5VPXL12.1ACA
(NEW SURPLUS) 2007 Cummins QSX15 Diesel Engine for sale (TIER3), CPL 8760, 15.0L, 600HP @ 2100 RPM, Serial # 79242815, Market Name: QSX15 CM570, Engine Configuration: D103007CX03, Family # 7CEXL015.AA...
Stock #005347
EngineCummins QSX15 (600hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR8760
Engine Family7CEXL015.AAE
Kubota V3800 DI-T-ET02
(POWER UNIT) 2010 Kubota V3800 Diesel Engine Industrial Hydraulic Power Unit for sale (TIER3), Family # AKBXL03.8AAD, 99HP @ 2600 RPM, Visit JJ REBUILDERS for information on this engine or any other d...
Stock #005312
EngineKubota V3800 (99hp)
Engine Size3.8L
Engine CPL/ARKubota V3800
Engine FamilyAKBXL03.8AAD
(NEW SURPLUS) 2014 Cummins QSX15 Diesel Engine for sale (CM2350 x 106), CPL 3961, 15.0L, 560HP @ 1200 RPM, Serial # 79778801, Market Name: XTA15-CE14, Engine Configuration: D103015CX03, Family # ECEXL...
Stock #005316
EngineCummins QSX15 (560hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR3961
Engine FamilyECEXL15.0AAL
Perkins 1106D Power Unit
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2017 Perkins 1106D-E70TA Diesel Engine Industrial Power Unit for sale same as Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT Diesel Engine Power Pack for sale (TIER3), Serial # PW83180R012657C, 247HP @ 180...
Stock #005298
EngineCat C6.6 (247hp)
Engine Size6.6L
Engine CPL/ARList # PW83180R
Engine FamilyPKXL06.6PJ1
2010 Caterpillar C13 ACERT Diesel Engine for sale (SINGLE TURBO), Serial # LGK04618, AR # 236-4575, Long Block Part # 20R3912, 12.5L, 520HP RATED @ 2100 RPM, TEST RUN WATCH VIDEO ON JJ REBUILDERS WEBS...
Stock #005283
EngineCat C13 Industrial (520hp)
Engine Size12.5L
Engine CPL/AR236-4575
Engine FamilyCat C13 Industrial
Isuzu 4JJ1 3.0
(SURPLUS NEW) 2011 Isuzu 4JJ1 Diesel Engine, Engine Model: BU-4JJ1T, Engine Code: 4JJ1TDUBA-01, Engine Family # BSZXL03.0UTB, Exhaust Emission Control System: ECM, TC, DFI, EGR, Engine Type 4JJ1TDUBA,...
Stock #005243
EngineIsuzu BU-4JJ1T
Engine Size3.0L
Engine CPL/ARIsuzu 4JJ1 3.0
Engine FamilyBSZXL03.0UTB
NEW QSB 4.5, CPL 8755
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2018 Cummins QSB 4.5L Diesel Engine, Serial # 74401173, CPL 8755, CM850 (CM2850), 130HP @ 2500 RPM, E.C.S: DDI, ECM, TC, CAC. Engine Configuration: D323016CX03, 0 Hours, BRAND NEW C...
Stock #005240
EngineCummins QSB 4.5 (130hp)
Engine Size4.5L
Engine CPL/AR8755
Engine FamilyCummins QSB4.5
CAT C32, 1125HP, Tier 4
(GOOD USED) 2011 Caterpillar C32 ACERT Diesel Engine for sale (Tier 4 Interim), 1125HP RATED @ 1800 RPM, Serial # SDK00123, AR # 340-9410, Fam # BCPXL32.0HXA, Long Block Part # 20R6344, Short Block Pa...
Stock #005212
EngineCat C32 ACERT (1125hp)
Engine Size32.0L
Engine CPL/AR340-9410
Engine FamilyBCPXL32.0HXA
CAT C4.4, 2621 Hours
(GOOD USED/ RUN TESTED) 2012 Caterpillar C4.4 ACERT Diesel Engine for sale with Control Panel (Hydraulic Power Unit) (TIER 4) with Control Panel, Serial # 448-01124, AR # 376-1313, Displacement 4.4L,...
Stock #005111
EngineCat C4.4 ACERT (174hp)
Engine Size4.4L
Engine CPL/AR376-1313
Engine FamilyCPKXL04.4ML1
Pulled FromCaterpillar Hydraulic Power Unit
New Volvo D13 543HP
(NEW) 2011 Volvo D13 Equipment Diesel Engine for sale, Serial # D13*286571*C1*A, Engine Model: Volvo TAD1365VE, Family # BVPXL12.8CEA, E.C.S: EM, ECM, TC, CAC, SPL, SCR. 543HP @ 1900RPM, 12.8L, BRAND ...
Stock #005108
EngineVolvo D13 (543hp)
Engine Size12.8L
Engine CPL/ARVolvo D13
Engine FamilyBVPXL12.8CEA
Perkins 2306A-E14TAG3 Engine for sale, Perkins 2300 Series Engine for sale, Same as Caterpillar C15, Standbye HP: 519HP @ 1500 RPM, Serial # FGD064011U5618P. Displacement 14.6L, Brand New Engine!! Vi...
Stock #005046
EnginePerkins 2306A-E14TAG3 (519hp)
Engine Size14.6L
Engine CPL/ARPerkins 2300
Engine FamilyPerkins 2306A
QSL9 Fire Pump 113 HRS
2014 Cummins QSL9 Diesel Engine Fire Pump for sale, 113 HOURS, Cummins Fire Pump Model: CFP9E-F20 equipped with Cummins OEM Full Authority Control Panel, Variable Speed - Rated at 282HP @ 1760RPM, Eng...
Stock #005033
EngineCummins QSL9 (282hp)
Engine Size8.9L
Engine CPL/AR8641
Engine FamilyECEXL0540AAB
Pulled FromCummins CFP9E-F20 Fire Pump
New Isuzu 6HK1 Tier 2
(NEW) 2011 Isuzu 6HK1 Diesel Engine for sale set up for Equipment (TIER 2), Part # 6HK1TQC-A, Serial # 6HK1-561656, Displacement 7.8L, visit JJ Rebuilders for more information. Call 786-377-5210. REF...
Stock #004999
EngineIsuzu 6HK1
Engine Size7.8L
Engine CPL/ARIsuzu 6HK1
Engine Family6HK1 TIER 2
CAT 3412 Generator 500KW
(GENERATOR) Caterpillar SR-4 Generator equipped with Caterpillar 3412 Diesel Engine for sale, 755HP @ 1850 RPM, 500 KW, 625 KVA, .8 PF, Generator Serial # 58BH3080, Caterpillar 3412 Engine Serial # 3...
Stock #004953
EngineCat 3412 SR-4 (755hp)
Engine Size27L
Engine CPL/AR7N7708
Engine FamilyCat 3412 Generator
QSB6.7, CPL 3857, CM2350
(NEW SURPLUS) 2018 Cummins QSB 6.7L Diesel Engine for sale, Serial # 22343683, Service Model Name: QSB6.7 CM2350 B105, Marketing Model Name: QSB6.7 250, Horsepower Rating: 250HP @ 2200 RPM, Engine Fam...
Stock #004778
EngineCummins QSB 6.7 (250hp)
Engine Size6.7L
Engine CPL/AR3857
Engine FamilyJCEXL06.7AAK
Cummins QSB4.5 CPL8754
(GOOD USED/ RUN TEST/ FULLY INSPECTED) 2012 Cummins QSB 4.5L Diesel Engine for sale, Cummins QSB4.5 Serial # 73369181, Service Model Name: QSB4.5 CM850, [email protected] RPM, 360LBS @ 1500 RPM, E.C.S: DDI, ...
Stock #004746
EngineCummins QSB4.5 (110hp)
Engine Size4.5L
Engine CPL/AR8754
Engine FamilyBCEXL0409AAC