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2015 CAT C6.6 Equipment Engine #2693
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2015 Caterpillar C6.6 Diesel Engine for sale (CRATE MOTOR), Serial #C6E59079, AR # 242-1356, Family # BPKXL06.6PJ2, 6.6L, Fully Inspected, Brand New Fully Dressed Crate Engine, Visi...
Stock #004599
EngineCat C6.6 ACERT
Engine Size6.6L
Engine CPL/AR242-1356
Engine FamilyCaterpillar C6.6
QSB6.7, CPL 8611, 300HP
2011 CUMMINS QSB 6.7 Equipment Engine #2677
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2011 Cummins QSB 6.7L Diesel Engine for sale (COMMON RAIL) 300HP @ 2500RPM, Service Model Name: QSB6.7 CM850, CM2850. Marketing Model Name: QSB6.7, Engine Family # ACEXL0409AAC, CPL...
Stock #004587
EngineCummins QSB6.7 (300hp)
Engine Size6.7L
Engine CPL/AR8611
Engine FamilyQSB6.7 CM850
Cummins QSB4.5 CPL2743
2008 CUMMINS QSB4.5 Equipment Engine #2668
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2008 Cummins QSB 4.5L Diesel Engine For sale, Tier 3, Cummins QSB4.5 Engine Serial # 21870460, Cummins QSB4.5 Engine CPL 2743, CM850 (CM2850), 151HP @ 1500 RPM, Max Rating: 176HP @ ...
Stock #004554
EngineCummins QSB4.5 (151hp)
Engine Size4.5L
Engine CPL/AR2743
Engine Family8CEXL0275AAK
John Deere 4045T
(GOOD USED) 2011 Gorman-Rupp PA6D60-4045T Water Pump For Sale equipped with a John Deere 4045T Diesel Engine, Suction 6"(150MM), Discharge 6"(150MM), Solids Handling 3"(76MM), Casing: Cast Iron, Impel...
Stock #004567
EngineJohn Deere 4045T (74hp)
Engine Size4.5L
Engine FamilyBJDXL04.5112
2018 CUMMINS QSG12 Equipment Engine #2650
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2018 Cummins QSG12 Diesel Engine for sale, TIER 4 FINAL, Cummins QSG Engine Serial # 76243566, Cummins QSG Engine Service Model Name: QSG12/X12 CM2350 G110, Marketing Model Name: QS...
Stock #004552
EngineCummins QSG12 (355hp)
Engine Size12.0
Engine CPL/AR4459
Engine FamilyJCEXL12.0AAA
Cat C7.1 Marine Tier 3
2016 CAT C7.1 Marine Engine #2347
(BRAND NEW) 2016 C7.1 Diesel Marine Generator Engine for sale, Serial # A6E00714, AR # 372-2374, [email protected] 1800RPM, Tier 3 Commercial Emissions, Caterpillar Engine equipped with heat exchanger cooling th...
Stock #004167
EngineCat C7.1 (321hp)
Engine Size7.1L
Engine CPL/AR372-2374
Engine FamilyC7.1 Marine
New Cat C6.6, 152HP
2015 CAT C6.6 Equipment Engine #2089
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2015 Caterpillar C6.6 Diesel Engine for sale (CRATE MOTOR), Serial #C6E58636, AR # 461-8933, Family # BPKXL06.6PJ2, 152HP, 6.6L, Fully Inspected, Brand New Fully Dressed Crate Engin...
Stock #004387
EngineCat C6.6 (152hp)
Engine CPL/AR461-8933
Engine FamilyBPKXL06.6PJ2
Cat 3054C-T, 4.4L
2018 PERKINS 1104C-44T Equipment Engine #2078
(NEW) Perkins 1104C-44TA Diesel Engine (Turbo), Mechanical Injection, Serial # R009145X, Displacement 4.4L, 126HP @ 2000RPM, NEW ENGINE, 0 HOURS, CRATE ENGINE, Interchangable with Caterpillar 3054CT, ...
Stock #003846
EnginePerkins 1104C-44T (126hp)
Engine CPL/AR3054C
Engine FamilyCat 3054CT