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Cat Diesel Truck Engines For Sale

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CAT C12, 9NS, 40 PIN
(GOOD USED) 1997 Caterpillar C12 Diesel Engine for sale with Jake Brakes (40PINECMCONNECTOR), Caterpillar C12 Engine Serial # 9NS02161, Caterpillar C12 AR # 154-1158, 410HP RATED @1800RPM, Visit JJRE...
Stock #004565
EngineCat C12 (410hp)
Engine Size12.0L
Engine CPL/AR154-1158
Engine FamilyCaterpillar C12
(GOOD USED) 2005 Caterpillar C15 ACERT Diesel Engine for sale (TWIN TURBO), Caterpillar C15 Engine Serial # MXS62232, Caterpillar C15 Engine Family # 5CPXH0928EBK, Caterpillar C15 Engine AR # 260-2884...
Stock #004555
EngineCat C15 ACERT (435hp)
Engine Size15.2L
Engine CPL/AR260-2884
Engine Family5CPXH0928EBK
Pulled From2006 Freightliner Century
CAT 3406B W/ JAKES 425HP
(GOOD USED) 1987 Caterpillar 3406B Diesel Engine for sale with Jake Brakes (MECHANICAL FUEL PUMP/ AIR TO AIR), Caterpillar 3406B Engine Serial # 4MG11662, Cat 3406B Engine AR # 9Y2461, 14.6L, 425HP, T...
Stock #004547
EngineCat 3406B (425hp)
Engine Size14.6L
Engine CPL/AR9Y2461
Engine FamilyCaterpillar 3406B
CAT C12, 2KS
(GOOD USED) 2001 Caterpillar C12 Diesel Engine for sale (70PINECMCONNECTOR), Caterpillar C12 Engine Serial # 2KS72418, Caterpillar C12 Engine AR # 206-8329, Caterpillar C12 Engine HP: 380HP RATED @ 18...
Stock #004515
EngineCat C12 (380hp)
Engine Size12.0L
Engine CPL/AR206-8329
Engine FamilyCaterpillar C12
Pulled FromSTERLING A9500
CAT C15 550HP 6NZ
(GOOD USED) 2000 Caterpillar C15 Diesel Engine for sale (SINGLE TURBO), 6NZ, Caterpillar C15 Engine Displacement: 14.6L, Caterpillar C15 Engine Serial # 6NZ11655, Caterpillar C15 Engine AR # 186-1907,...
Stock #004504
EngineCat C15 6NZ (550hp)
Engine Size14.6L
Engine CPL/AR186-1907
Engine FamilyCat C15 6NZ
Pulled FromFreightliner Columbia
CAT 3208T 250HP
(GOOD USED) 1985 Caterpillar 3208T Diesel Engine for sale (TURBO), Cat 3208T Engine Serial # 02Z20053, Caterpillar 3208T Engine AR # 2W8217, [email protected], 10.4L, RUN TESTED WATCH VIDEO ON JJ REBUILDERS,...
Stock #004481
EngineCat 3208T (250hp)
Engine CPL/AR2W8217
Engine FamilyCAT 3208T
Reman CAT C4.4 Hydraulic
(FACTORY REMAN HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT) 2008 Caterpillar C4.4 Diesel Engine for sale (TIER 3), REMAN BY Caterpillar in 2015, CAT C4.4 Engine Reman Serial # MR300136, Cat C4.4 Engine Reman AR #: 20R-0364,...
Stock #004502
EngineCat C4.4 (127hp)
Engine Size4.4L
Engine CPL/AR20R-0364
Engine Family8PKXL04.4NJ1
CAT 15, 580HP, 717HP MAX
(GOOD USED) 2007 Caterpillar C15 Diesel Engine for sale, Single Turbo, 15.2L, Caterpillar C15 Serial # JRE04319, Caterpillar 15 AR # 254-3835, Caterpillar C15 HP: 580HP RATED @ 1800RPM, 717HP Max Rati...
Stock #004473
EngineCat C15 ACERT (580hp)
Engine Size15.2L
Engine CPL/AR254-3835
Engine Family7CPXL15.2ESK
Pulled From2007 Wirtgen W2000
CAT C15, MBN, 475HP
(GOOD USED) 2003 Caterpillar C15 Diesel Engine for sale with Jakes, Caterpillar C15 Serial # MBN25203, Caterpillar C15 AR # 235-9423, Caterpillar HP: 475HP RATED @ 2100RPM, 625HP Max Rating, TEST RUN ...
Stock #004463
EngineCat C15 (475hp)
Engine Size15.2L
Engine CPL/AR235-9423
Engine FamilyCaterpillar C15
Pulled From2004 Peterbilt 387
2008 CAT C12 Truck Engine #2595
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2008 Caterpillar C12 Diesel Engine for sale (70PINECM), Caterpillar C12 Serial # BCY00291, Caterpillar C12 AR # 212-3802, Caterpillar C12 Family # 5CPXL12.0ESK, 430HP RATED, MAX ADV...
Stock #004468
EngineCat C12 (430hp)
Engine Size12.0L
Engine CPL/AR212-3802
Engine Family5CPXL12.0ESK
CAT C13, KCB, 12.5L
(GOOD USED) 2004 Caterpillar C13 ACERT Diesel Engine for sale (TWIN TURBO), Caterpillar C13 Serial # KCB26035, Caterpillar C13 AR # 261-5223, Caterpillar C13 Family # 4CPXH0763EBK, 12.5L, 335HP RATED ...
Stock #004431
EngineCat C13 ACERT (335hp)
Engine Size12.5L
Engine CPL/AR261-5223
Engine Family4CPXH0763EBK
Pulled FromFreightliner Columbia
Crate Engine 1104D-E44TA
2014 CAT 3054 E/T Truck Engine #2540
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2014 Caterpillar 3054 E/T Engine for Sale (TURBO), Perkins 1104D-E44TA, Serial # NJU196438X, Part # NJ38640, Displacement 4.4L, 126HP @ 2200RPM, NEW ENGINE, 0 HOURS, CRATE ENGINE, F...
Stock #004404
EngineCat 3054 E/T (126hp)
Engine Size4.4L
Engine CPL/AR1104D-E44TA
Engine FamilyPart # NJ38640
(GOOD USED) 2006 Caterpillar C11 ACERT Diesel Engine for sale (TWIN TURBO), Serial # KCA10859, AR # 269-4337, Family # 6CPXH0680EBK, 11.1L, 335HP RATED, Max ADV [email protected], TEST RUN WATCH VIDEO ON JJ RE...
Stock #004391
EngineCat C11 ACERT (335hp)
Engine Size11.1
Engine CPL/AR269-4337
Engine Family6CPXH0680EBK
Perkins 1104C-44T
2018 CAT 3054 C/T Truck Engine #2502
(NEW CRATE UNIT) Perkins 1104C-44TA Diesel Engine Power Unit (Turbo), Mechanical Injection, Serial # U663231D, Displacement 4.4L, 126HP @ 2000RPM, NEW ENGINE, 0 HOURS, CRATE ENGINE, Interchangable wit...
Stock #004363
EngineCat 3054 C/T (126hp)
Engine Size4.4L
Engine CPL/ARPerkins 1104C-44T
Engine FamilyCaterpillar 3054T
NEW CAT C7, 7.2L, 330HP
2009 CAT C7 Truck Engine #2421
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) 2009 Caterpillar C7 ACERT Diesel Engine For Sale (70PINECM), Serial # FMM22380, AR # 298-6151, Family # 6CPXH0442HBK, 7.2 L, 330HP RATED @ 2400RPM, BRAND NEW, FULLY DRESSED, 0 MILE,...
Stock #004261
EngineCat C7 ACERT (330hp)
Engine Size7.2L
Engine CPL/AR298-6151
Engine FamilyCaterpillar C7
CAT 3116 215HP 9YN
1997 CAT 3116 Truck Engine #2338
(USED) 1997 Caterpillar 3116 Diesel Engine (Mechanical Fuel Pump), Serial # 9YN03850, FAM # VCP403DZDAAA, 215HP @ 2600 Rated, AR # 130-0159, TEST RUN WATCH VIDEO ON JJREBUILDERS WEBSITE, RUNS PERFECT!...
Stock #004151
EngineCat 3116 (215hp)
Engine Size6.6L
Engine CPL/AR130-0159
Engine FamilyCaterpillar 3116
CAT 3304 PC, AR # 4N9958
 CAT 3304 PC Truck Engine #2246
(USED) Caterpillar 3304 PC Diesel Engine (NON TURBO), Serial # 2B9267, AR # 4N9958, PERFECT RUNNING ENGINE!! TEST RUN AND FULLY INSPECTED. Call for more information on this or any other diesel engine ...
Stock #004036
EngineCat 3304 PC (95hp)
Engine Size7.0L
Engine CPL/AR4N9958
CAT 3406E 5EK
1995 CAT 3406E Truck Engine #2186
(USED) 1995 Caterpillar 3406E Diesel Engine with Jakes (40PINECMCONNECTOR), Engine Serial # 5EK46059, Engine AR # 114-4473, Engine HP: 355HP @ 1800RPM, Engine Family # SCP893EZDARK, Test Run!!, Low Mi...
Stock #003884
EngineCat 3406E (355hp)
Engine Size14.6L
Engine CPL/AR114-4473
Engine FamilySCP893EZDARK
Pulled FromCaterpillar 3406E
Caterpillar 3054 Non Tur
2011 CAT 3054 Truck Engine #2137
(NEW CRATE ENGINE) Perkins 1104D-44 Diesel Engine (NON Turbo), Mechanical Injection, Serial # R001861V, Displacement 4.4L, 73HP @ 2200RPM, NEW ENGINE, 0 HOURS, CRATE ENGINE, Interchangable with Caterp...
Stock #003911
EngineCat 3054 (73hp)
Engine CPL/ARPerkins 1104D-44
Engine FamilyCaterpillar 3054
Pulled FromCaterpillar 3054
Cat C12 Engine, 9NS
1998 CAT C12 Truck Engine #2108
(GOOD USED) 1998 Caterpillar C12 Diesel Engine (40PINECMCONNECTOR), Serial # 9NS06254, AR # 148-2026, 11.9L, 410HP RATED @ 1800 RPM, MAX ADV 505HP @ 1800RPM, Pulled from 1999 Ford Sterling, LOW MILE E...
Stock #003883
EngineCat C12 (410hp)
Engine CPL/AR148-2026
Engine FamilyCaterpillar C12
Pulled FromCaterpillar C12