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Cummins ISX15 Engine

Cummins ISX15 Engines for Sale

Cummins ISX15 is North America’s most popular heavy-duty engine, and the only engine offered as an option by every major Class 8 truck manufacturer. The Cummins ISX15 boasts ratings from 400-600 horsepower with up to 2050 pound-feet peak torque. This legendary engine is a favorite among drivers and fleet operators alike.

Cummins ISX15 is the industry leader in just about every type of heavy-duty application from 18-wheelers to fire and emergency vehicles. No other diesel can match it for proven performance with ratings from 455 to 600 hp and the highest power density in its class.

For customers wanting the ultimate in performance from their premium motorhome, the engine of choice is Cummins ISX15 – the most popular heavy-duty engine sold in North America. It is ideal for even the largest,most heavily equipped units.

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Fuel Economy

The ISX15 is the industry leader in fuel economy with our proven technology, including more efficient fuel and water pumps to provide additional usable horsepower. Together with optimized combustion and fewer active regenerations of the aftertreatment system, today’s ISX15 delivers better fuel economy.


The ISX15 was the first engine certified to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations – a full year ahead of schedule. The Cummins ISX15 is equipped with On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) to ensure optimal emissions system performance.


ISX15 ratings range from 400-600 hp with up to 2050 lb-ft of torque. SmartTorque ratings add 200 lb-ft of extra torque so trucks can make it up steep grades. Vocational ratings have additional torque in the lower gear ranges. Operators can tailor ISX15 operation for any on-highway application.

Cummins ISX15 Engines for Sale

ISX15, 500HP, CPL 4584
2015 CUMMINS ISX15 Truck Engine #3557
Stock #005592
EngineCummins ISX15 (500hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR4584
Engine FamilyFCEXH0912XAU
ISX15, EPA 13, CPL 4583
Stock #005566
EngineCummins ISX15 (400hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR4583
Engine FamilyFCEXH0912XAT
ISX15, CPL 3937, EPA13
Stock #005533
EngineCummins ISX15 (450hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR3937
Engine FamilyDCEXH0912XAT
ISX15, CPL 3937, CM2350
Stock #005523
EngineCummins ISX15 (400hp)
Engine Size15.0L
Engine CPL/AR3937
Engine FamilyISX15 EPA13